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Our interiors team travelled to the renowned Clerkenwell Design Week in London to observe the key office trends emerging for the rest of the year and into 2019.



Indoor plants. Bring the outside in with greenery and florals to keep your office feeling fresh. Keeping plants in the office is known to reduce stress, increase productivity, and even boost creativity.

Plants - Office Interiors

Clerkenwell Design Week

Black Metal 

Elegant and rustic all the same, black metal chairs, desks, and shelving keep things functional while adding a touch of contrast. Black gives any space depth, which can stimulate creativity and idea generation.


Clerkenwell Design Week London

Fine Metal Frames 

Minimalism is the name of the game these days, and fine metal frames on tables, chairs, lamps and stools are sleek and on-trend. Stripping away the bulk and excess make spaces feel more organised and streamlined.

Office Interiors

Clerkenwell Design Week London

Room Dividers

In the era of open concept spaces, clever room dividers can help give purpose and distinction to the spaces in your office. Use shelves, racks and storage to maximise efficiency while keeping your spaces purposeful.

Room Dividers

Clerkenwell Design Week London

Splayed Leg Detail 

Splayed legs on tables and chairs is an old innovation that has made a comeback in recent years. Splayed legs are efficient and interesting and can give your space a stylish element that blends Eastern and Western aesthetics.

Office Interiors

Clerkenwell Design Week London


Noisy offices have higher rates of absenteeism. Maximise employee comfort and productivity by addressing the acoustics in your office. Use stylish panels and hangings to add a funky, interesting touch.



Clerkenwell Design Week London


More than just a trend, resimercial design is all about bringing a homey, comfortable feel into the workplace. It can keep your employees engaged and focused, increasing productivity and creativity while simultaneously reducing absenteeism.


Clerkenwell Design Week London

Resimercial Office Interiors

Clerkenwell Design Week London

In the last two years, has your firm made any radical changes to their infrastructure to improve security? Have you changed your behavior to ensure you are more cyber-focused?


Most of us know just how real the threats of Cyber Crime are; but how many of us are really aware of their impact and severity? Cyber Crimes are not just limited to corporations, they can also drastically affect our personal lives too.

Here is a scary fact: the SEC considers cyber risks to the Global Economy to be the same as terrorism. Think about that for a second. For firms in Financial Services, the impact of damage from a cyber-security breach can be very harmful, quickly leading to investor-retraction, as well as reputation damage decreasing market confidence. The Regulators simply cannot afford another bailout.
Every firm is a target, not just Financial institutes. Major Global firms and household names such as Sony, Argos, and Talk Talk, have all fallen victim to Cyber Crime this year. None of us can stand the invasion of our own privacy.


VTech, the well-known children’s toy maker, was added to the growing list of companies targeted by a cyber attack. A group of hackers broke into VTech servers and were able to gain access to a database containing personal information on over 6.5 million children, and 5 million parents.


Children’s names, gender, D.O.B’s, photographs(!), and parents’ E-mail and postal addresses – were all extracted from VTech servers. It’s frightening that children’s data is now being targeted, as they are fast becoming as vulnerable as us adults.
It is our responsibility as individuals, using both corporate and personal technology, to reduce risks to our families and to our respective firms.


In business, correct steps are already being taken. The 20th-century approach of “Prevent-then-Diffuse” was a very re-active cycle. The paradigms are changing; CTO’s and COO’s today are much more pro-active when it comes to the protection of corporate networks. The model has shifted from prevent, to Detect. Identify the threat intelligently, and then decide how best to manage each risk.


However, having the most cutting-edge and most capable IT teams in the World will not matter, if you – whilst on the internal network – click on a tempting link or act on a suspicious looking email. Trust your gut instinct and do not be afraid to ask the sensible question; I assure you, your manager and IT department would much rather you took the time to do so than make a costly mistake.


Outside of work, we must increase vigilance and raise awareness of the associated risks to our family & friends. Ransomware, Phishing Scams, Malware, Viruses: these can all be prevented with some simple diligence.


As Technology continues to play such a fundamental part of our lives, our digital footprint and online consumption will only increase year-on-year. . Cyber Security affects us all. Work smart with Bizquip to ensure we are not negatively impacted – both at home and in the workplace. What is GDPR and what challenges might it pose to European businesses?If you’re unfamiliar with the legislation that’s coming into force (officially known as Directive 95/46/EC), here’s a top-line summary:


  • Businesses must have explicit consent to use a wide variety of data
  • Companies will have to hire a data protection officer if business processes require the storage and manipulation of certain categories of data
  • “Privacy by design” needs to be introduced to workflows


This is great news for consumers, but it presents a complex challenge for European businesses.


General Data Protection Regulation Europe

GDPR and the challenges it poses to European Businesses

Challenges and penaltiesYou’ve probably already dealt with the ‘cookie law’ which focuses on website opt-ins. GDPR, however, goes much further and the onus on businesses is huge.


Users will be able to demand the full deletion of all their details for instance, as well as ask for their data in a portable format that can be transferred between data processing entities.


And penalties for turning a blind eye to the new regulation are too big to ignore. Non-compliance can trigger a fine of up to 20 million euros or 4% of total revenue, whichever is the greater. Note: that is revenue, and not profit they measure, which could be particularly painful for smaller businesses. Can your company really afford to take a 4% hit on revenues?


When must businesses act and how?The law will come into force across Europe in May 2018 and applies to businesses of all sizes. While that is still a considerable distance away, the complexities surrounding GDPR should be heeded with care.


According to Computer Weekly, 44% of IT professionals are unaware of the incoming rules. And a separate piece of research by Dell suggests 97% of all businesses don’t have a plan in place to deal with GDPR. I worry that for many organisations the constant need to stay on top of new compliance can lead to fatigue in dealing with issues such as this.


Considering the complexities surrounding the architecture of new workflows, the time to act is now. Businesses need to adopt processes and procedures which enable them to secure the mobile and digital workspace and reap the benefits of same. From extending security policies to encrypting business data, there are a number of simple steps which Bizquip can help companies can take to ensure they are monitoring and managing documents effectively. Which will ensure they are GDPR ready.


SMBs, in particular, could find themselves exposed owing to this complexity. And businesses of all sizes should look to experienced partners and vendors in the business process space if they want to navigate through this period of change.

Buying a new printer for your workplace shouldn’t cause unnecessary costs or hassle. Here are some key tips for an MFP printer purchase that won’t let you down.

Consider the needs of your business. Buying an MFP that’s too quick or too slow can be a clear mistake, as the average MFP output ranges from 20 to 90 pages per minute, you’ll need to check carefully before you buy.

Think about features. Copy, scan, print and fax. Businesses should think about whether you need colour, A3 capabilities and binding, stapling or stitching functionality too. If you produce high-end pamphlets, or if you do long photocopy runs, your printer features should match your needs.


Managed Print Solution24

Printers should keep up with modern offices. Ensure that you look into the latest MFP that can connect with mobile devices, so users can print from their phones and tablets. You might want to be able to archive documents using a scan function, but printers with an OCR function can turn hard-copy documents into searchable PDF files.

Printers should keep up with modern offices. Ensure that you talk to Bizquip about the latest MFP that can connect with mobile devices, so users can print from their phones and tablets.



Do you really know what you are spending on print?

Around 64% of companies don’t and this is why.

If 2018 is going to be another year where you need to review operational costs, then you might want to understand what your organisation is printing across the entire business – and not just in the office.

The cost of print continues to be at the forefront of most organisations and it is always a target when looking to reduce operational business costs. We regularly engage with large organisations that want to reduce their office printing, believing this will address most of their print related costs. However, according to analysts, many larger organisations can spend up to three times more on their enterprise print outside of the office printing environment.


Managed Print Services

What might you not know about?


It is only when organisations start looking at specific document driven areas of the business like finance, logistics, marketing. I.T and manufacturing for example, that you start to realise that much of what is printed by these departments are often not controlled through the office print strategy. And if you consider what print is purchased externally to address the different needs of these different business areas, the amount of money spent, and the likely additional costs of print storage or waste, then you start getting a bigger picture of your enterprise print activity and what’s really being spent across the entire organisation.

What about paper to digital?


The argument that many business processes still requiring the need for a printed document is one for another day but too often a simple “print evaluation” focuses only on existing print output and not what else an organisation could start doing digitally to really improve business efficiency. Of course there are still many processes that need a mandatory printed document, but until these are identified it is too easy to assume that businesses can just adopt a paper to digital strategy overnight without affecting the daily operation of selling and delivering goods, or communicating to customers and suppliers.


So understanding what is right to turn digital, should also be part of any enterprise output assessment and quite often the best way to start is to perform an analysis of a specific document intensive process that still relies on print. Then it should be possible to review the potential to migrate this to a fully digital process that can drive real business improvements as well as cost savings. A good area to look at first is what you are producing from your management systems, whether it be a mainframe or an ERP like SAP®. It is quite common for organisations or office users to print large reports from these systems for management, yet using some clever workflow you could easily turn this into PDF that can be sent by email to whoever you want, whenever you want – and you could even schedule every week automatically.


Where’s the quick win?


Typically, organisations spend much more on mail and externally sourced print than what they think, so a quick win can be achieved by targeting these two areas. For organisations who have an in-house print facility or a print room, there are always opportunities to do more in house, particularly as many print jobs are being produced in smaller run lengths. For those without a print facility, there are ways to reduce costs by potentially managing print and suppliers better – or by consolidating both in some cases.

As for mail, if your organisation is sending out mail in the volumes you were doing in the last few years, then a review of what you send and how you do it should also be part of an enterprise output strategy. Much of the mail sent to customers can be migrated to a Hybrid Mail solution that allows both optimised printed mail to be combined with digital.


Next steps


So if any of this sounds familiar to you, maybe you should look to get an enterprise output management study, as looking at office print costs might not get the return you want in cost savings or business efficiency. The cost of print continues to be at the forefront of most organisations and it is always a target when looking to reduce operational business costs. At Bizquip we regularly engage with large organisations that want to reduce their office printing, believing this will address most of their print related costs.



Dublin, 15th May 2018 – Bizquip, one of Ireland’s leading equipment and software solutions and ICT Providers, has been announced as a new HP Managed Print Partner.


Bizquip provides a broad range of managed IT services and solutions and current clients include Arthur Cox, The Law Society, Deloitte and Sherry Fitzgerald Group to name but a few. Founded in 1984 in Dublin by Jim Leyden, the Irish owned company has a team of over 50 and is based in the Sandyford Business District, Dublin.


Bizquip draws on 34 years of print management experience and in recent years has enabled large indigenous and international clients streamline their business processes resulting in greater productivity. They have achieved this by introducing the latest technologies and software to support Bizquip client firm’s needs, and by ensuring document output controls are in place to ensure best practice security and control.  As a result, the client companies are now ensuring greater security over their document processes and this new partnership with HP solidifies their clients’ future security needs over their processes, particularly given Ransomware attacks and cyber threats over computer systems worldwide being accessed via the printer networks in companies.


This is an elite level of accreditation in the HP Managed Print Services (MPS) Partner Program. Managing Director of Bizquip, Jim Leyden said “we are delighted to achieve this Managed Print Services Partner accreditation from HP.  It enables the team at Bizquip to offer customers further innovative product insights and knowledge-based HP solutions across MPS. We are very proud of this achievement and it’s a testament to our team on their knowledge and expertise across HP Managed Print Solutions. In addition, existing and new clients are welcome to experience and test new software solutions in the technology suite at the substantial Bizquip HQ in Sandyford”.


HP created the limited MPS Partner status to provide customers with the highest level of confidence that they are working with a Partner that truly understands the HP MPS print portfolio, and has the capabilities to quote, deliver and implement solutions to the highest possible international standards.


Bizquip Technology Suite

L-R: Gary Tierney, Managing Director, HP Ireland; Bernie Byrne, PBM HP Ireland, Jim Leyden, Managing Director, Bizquip and Mark Cashen, Divisional Sales Manager, Technology Division, Bizquip at the Technology Suite in Bizquip HQ in Sandyford Business District

Gary Tierney, Managing Director, HP Ireland said, “I would like to congratulate Jim Leyden and the team at Bizquip on being accredited as the latest HP Managed Print Services Partner in Ireland. Our relationship has continued to grow and evolve as their team build technical expertise and market knowledge. We place huge significance on choosing our Print Partners and are delighted that Bizquip has been announced as a HP MPS Partner”.


Jim Leyden, Managing Director of Bizquip, commented: “It is a testament to our Technology team and our business successes to be awarded Managed Print Partner status with HP.  We are proud to align with a technology brand that continues to reinvent its technologies and innovative Managed Print solutions, and we are looking forward to further collaboration with the team at HP”.


“As a HP Managed Print Services Partner, Bizquip NOW offers existing and new clients the most competitive pricing on HP hardware and supplies. We offer these services to existing HP users as well as those who are looking to purchase new HP equipment.”


In May HP will launch a new range of HP A3 PageWide and Laser devices, which will be market leading in both technology and cost per copy. “We only provide genuine HP products at HP Partner Major Account rates,” Jim added.


Bizquip offers free Print Audits and has been able to make savings as much as 40% for their clients by them implementing a HP Managed Print Solution.


The full range of HP print products will be on display in the Bizquip Sandyford Technology Suite, only a phone call away to make an appointment.

The Samsung Flip – Innovative Digital Flipchart

The Samsung Flip is an innovative digital flipchart that helps to drive more productive and efficient business collaboration without the hassle. With the Samsung Flip interactive UHD display, your team can work smarter, faster and better. Business meetings can take place anywhere, anytime, and you can take the stress out of the logistics.

  • Interactive display features from note-taking to intuitive navigation enables creative thinking in business meetings.
  • Versatile connectivity and an ergonomic design promote business collaboration.
  • Innovative touch display technology for smooth writing plus UHD picture quality for precise visuals.
  • Portable, wheel-based stand (sold separately)² empowers you to start a meeting anywhere, anytime.

See how Bizquip can make your meetings more productive and streamlined contact Garret Bonner today.

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