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Addressing Ergonomics


Humanscale has released a Q&A addressing some of the key questions they have been asked relating to office ergonomics and employee wellbeing. You will find the link to this article at the bottom of this page.


Ergonomics is becoming more and more prevalent in the office environment. This is predominantly down to the fact that a working day can be as long as 12-14 hours and more and more people are experiencing back trouble, wrist strain, deteriorating vision, neck issues… the list goes on. Ergonomics is defined as fitting a workspace to a user’s needs, focusing on a range of key areas such as the angle of a computer monitor, the height of your desk, placement of a keyboard and mouse, visual distance of a computer screen and proper seating support.

For us, mobility and ergonomics go hand in hand so we can’t stress the importance of movement throughout the day. Building small changes into a working day such as walking over to speak to someone in a different department rather than picking up the phone or taking the stairs instead of a lift as frequently as you can. Drinking from a smaller water bottle which forces you to re-fill it throughout the day will encourage you to walk to the water cooler or canteen for a re-fill. In our opinion, a monitor arm is a key investment in order to achieve a healthy workstation and active workspace, particularly if you are based at your desk on a frequent basis.

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What is a monitor arm? In its simplest format, a monitor arm holds your computer screen(s) and raises the screen to the correct height and distance you should be working at. Put simply, it gets rid of the reams of paper or the 4-5 books that your computer screen is currently perched on top of! The benefits include prevention of eye and neck strain. A monitor arm also encourages and promotes a proper posture when seated at a desk. Monitor arms should be flexible and adjustable, with articulating arms and screen adjustments. Our best-selling and most popular monitor arms are designed and manufactured in Ireland by Humanscale. There are a range of solutions including single, double or multiple monitor arms along with modular monitor arms that can be purpose built to suit the end users requirements. We believe that a monitor arm truly promotes a flexible and healthy workspace.


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