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What is a Break Out Area?

Break Out Areas have become extremely popular as a form of increasing staff morale. It provides workers with a space that is separate to their usual work space and more enticing visually.

Staff can use this area as they wish but can be encouraged to use this area for ideation and as a method to access their creativity in innovative environment.

This method has been employed by countless corporations Google being one of the most notable. Recent studies have shown that this type of work environment can increase employee’s engagement, productivity and output.

How to designing your Break Out Area?break out

Bizquip provide a wide range of Break Out furniture so no matter what design you decide on your needs will be met. Provide different styles of seating as employees may use the Break Out Area for different activities.

Bizquip would recommend a mixture of chairs at tables and couches or seats around coffee tables. This way, no matter why your employees decide to use this space for they have ample seating and surfaces to meet their requirements

Most importantly a Break Out Area does not need to be a large space in a separate wing of the building. Screening off a section of the office is more than enough for a small office (5-10 people).

Simply providing your staff with the space they need to escape the stresses and strains of a busy working environment will give them the feeling of being valued and appreciated!

Bizquips showroom has a wide range of wide range of couches, tables, multi-function chairs, acoustic high-back seating, pods, stools and booths. Click here to contact us now or phone us on 01 217 8000 for more information.

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