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Bizquip FurnitureBlogging has grown tenfold in the last number of years, and Bizquip have everything you need to make your dream blogging workspace a reality.

Whether you thrive in organised chaos, or inspiration strikes when surrounded by perfection- Bizquip are sure to have something to get your creative juices flowing.

Seating: The Bizquip team firmly believe, that appropriate seating is vital for a good blogging workspace. Comfort is paramount and good posture is essential. Our range of ergonomic task chairs, are specially designed to minimise the risk of pain and musculoskeletal problems.

Desk: Bizquip offers a wide range of desks and workstations. No matter what you are looking for in a desk- Bizquip have the perfect thing for you. Our range of individual desks, height adjustable and sit-stand desks, are all special designed with your comfort and productivity in mind. People are thought to be more productive when standing or walking around a room. Our exceptional sit-stand desks are perfect for those who sometimes sit and sometimes stand at their desks.

Storage: The key to designing a nurturing and cohesive work space is avoiding clutter and embracing organisation. The space you are working in, needs to represent the mind-set you wish to have. If your room is disorganised, your thoughts and work pattern will be disrupted and unclear. By investing in suitable storage for your needs, you will be able to maintain an organised work space. Bizquip stock a vast array of different storages solutions including filing cabinets, Cupboards, tambour units, bookcases and wall storage.

When seven international bloggers were asked by Actui, what their ideal blogging workspace would be, they said- colours, space and plants inspire them to be creative. Many said that, combining work and sport, gave them an excellent outlet to explore their creativity and to empty their mind of the stresses and strains, of daily life. Try to incorporate these ideas, into your blogging workspace and mentality in order to access your creative side more easily.

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