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Let’s get up and move around today with Bizquip


imagesssLet’s Move With Bizquip

want to help get all the office people up and moving.
Did you know that standing for some of the day and mixing between sitting and standing can improve your work productivity.

Standing for part of the day can also help you focus more while at work. Let’s face it, we all want to be more productive at work, this way we get more done, the boss is happy and we get great satisfaction from our job each and every day.

If you have no energy your work load is sure to expand and can have a negative effect on your home office and personal life. Our bodies were not designed to sit hunched over our desks all day for 5 days a week. If we do this for long periods of time it may have negative effects on our bodies. Bizquip has looked into this and it has been proven that moving less can contribute to a lack of focus, added stress and lower overall productivity.

A great way to mix things up at work is to get active. Movement is the key here and this is what you need to do in order to get the blood flowing and your creative pants on.
The team here at Bizquip recommend that you follow some of our top tips while at work. We understand that you may not be able to follow all of the tips but we hope that you can adapt some that we have mentioned below.

1. Do not cross your legsWe understand that this is a habit that you may have had for years and it is difficult to break. We recommend breaking this posture as it is very bad for your back and neck and has been known to be a cause of spider veins.

2. Take work calls on your mobileTaking work calls on your mobile will allow you to freely walk around the office giving you the much needed break from your desk

3. Try and move every two hoursTry and stretch your legs every one to two hours. Walk to get water, to the toilet or just to a work colleague’s desk. This can help your focus and lead to more work.

4. Try to add more activities to your dayIf there is a lift at work you use try to alter this. Take the stairs instead, this is a small behaviour change that will improve your overall daily movement. If you drive to work, try to park further away from the door than you normally do.

5. Go talk to a work colleague instead of emailing them.
We understand that this is not practical in every case but for smaller matters this is possible to get quick answers and to stretch your legs.

Bizquip provide the best office chairs to ensure that you have perfect posture when you are sited at your desk.
Humanscale are ergonomic chairs and we offer a range of high quality ergonomic seating including the Diffrient World chair and the Liberty chair.

Also for the height adjustable desks, we have a range of options available a number of which are on display in our showroom including Actiu Mobility, Humanscale Float & QuickStand.

Contact Bizquip for more information on the perfect office chair suitable for you.

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