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Bizquip, in operation since 1984, is a one-stop shop for all your office requirements. We meet requirements across all your office needs, in the areas of furniture, fit-out, equipment, software solutions and stationery supplies, which is why we are the number one office solutions provider in Dublin. 

Bizquip’s team promises to deliver expert knowledge, guidance and support to all clients, in order to help meet their needs and deliver competitively and cost reducing prices.

Top Manufacturer Partnerships

From our years of experience, Bizquip has developed a number of partnerships with some of the biggest manufacturers of office equipment. These include Ricoh, the world’s largest digital copying and printing equipment manufacturer; Senator, the UK’s largest office furniture manufacturer and Actiu, a major European manufacturer of office furniture.

Thanks to these extensive partnerships, Bizquip is able to provide a comprehensive range of office furniture, equipment, software solutions and stationery. With over 30 years experience and building connections with manufacturers, we have become one of the top office solutions provider in Dublin and Ireland.

Contact the Top Office Solutions Company in Dublin

Availing of Bizquip’s services couldn’t be easier. You do not need an appointment to drop by our showrooms to sample our diverse range of furniture, equipment, and stationery supplies on display. Our team of account managers are on hand to help look after your office equipment and our 50 plus team will provide support and assistance.

You can also view even more of our products and services on our website Bizquip.ie. Working with FCDM (Full Circle Digital Marketing), we have designed a website where you can easily view all our products and services and make inquiries about anything you may be interested in.

The Bizquip.ie site also allows you to sample our showroom, view our manufacturing partners and easily contact us with any questions you might have. Thanks to our partnership with FCDM, Bizquip has been able to further expand, as the top office solutions company in Dublin, to one of the top office solutions provider’s in Ireland.

Bizquip has already built a loyal client base, but we hope to further expand to more customers and continue to provide the best service possible. To avail of our expert service visit our showroom, check out the Bizquip.ie website or call us on 01 217 8000.

Bizquip – The number one office solutions company in Dublin!

Office Supply Company in Dublin

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