Our Approach

continuous management
our approach
Continuous support and monitoring:
  • Remote systems monitoring
  • Automated consumable replenishment
  • Performance review
  • Continuous optimisation
Audit & Assessment:
  • Identify client objective
  • Network discovery of existing technology
  • Device Location plan
  • Cost input
  • Understand client pain points
Presentation of bespoke solution:
  • New technology offering
  • New document policy
  • Cost savings
  • Efficiency savings
  • Project implementation programme
  • Technology support offering
Presentation of findings:
  • I.T objectives
  • Business objectives
  • Document policy design
  • Future-state design
  • Completion of further analysis

Key benefits

  • Financial – Control and Accountability:
    • Provides Cost Transparency and Savings to business.
    • Increased control of business spend.
    • Provides reporting tools to monitor performance.
    • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership of business printing fleet.
  • Security
    • Secure Print Policy for business documents – Follow me Print Solution to ensure documents are only released by the user on demand.
    • Document Scanning – authenticated access to network.
    • Hard Drive encryption to ensure data security.
  • Optimisation:
    • Increased User satisfaction.
    • Increased Staff productivity – Users Focussed on core business not managing print issues.
    • Increased Uptime of equipment through preventative management, automatic toner replenishment and remote monitoring software.
    • Single Service and Support Partner supporting your business.

Client statements

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