Digital Projectors

Bizquip is the distributor of a range of globally manufactured projectors.

These days, audiences expect engaging, dynamic presentations in order to bring ideas to life. What better way to do that, than projecting your ideas using the latest DLP digital projector?

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Ricoh Digital Projectors

Ricoh Ultra Short Throw Projectors

At Bizquip we also stock the new Ricoh Ultra Short throw range of projectors. With a record-breaking throw distance of just 11.7cm allows the projector to be placed just inches from the wall, ensuring that nothing comes between you and your message: no shadows; no noise; no glare. Use it to display images of up to 80 inches in meeting rooms, classrooms, museum displays, restaurants, bars, shops, window displays, anywhere there is a wall or flat surface to project upon. And because it is so compact and light, you can move it from room to room and even carry it to meetings off-site.