Kobra ShreddersNo matter what your shredding requirement, from a personal shredder, an office shredder, a departmental shredder, an industrial shredder or a high security shredder, Bizquip will have a product to suit you.

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Shredder Guide

Things to consider when choosing a shredder:
• The number of sheets you need to shred on a daily bases
• The confidentiality of your data
• The types of media to be destroyed (Paper, Cds, Credit Cards)
• The number of people who will be using the shredders
• The money budgeted for the shredder

Go through the following guide to help you chose the correct shredder for you needs:

Shredder guide

Kobra Shredders

Kobra Shredders

Bizquip is pleased to bring you Kobra Shredders, an industry-leading brand of shredders designed for a broad array of applications. Kobra shredders are packed with innovative attributes and proprietary technology that differentiate it from the competition. Features such as smart energy management, jam proof operation, safety sensors and precision engineered cutting knives, to name a few, set Kobra apart from the crowd. Not to mention, its ergonomics and design make it a pleasant addition to any office or personal space. From routine personal shredding to highly confidential data destruction, Kobra’s comprehensive product line has the right shredder for the job.