Free Print Audit

Multifunctional DevicesWith a Free no obligation Print Audit from Bizquip we will audit the usage on your current fleet of machines over a 30 day period.

This is done using Bizquip’s non-intrusive Rapid Assessment Key which allows Bizquip to easily discover devices and take a snapshot of your meter readings.

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Meeting all your environmental obligations

Like you, we’re keenly aware of our responsibilities as an environmentally responsible service provider.

That’s why we:

There are, of course, many specific ways in which we do this:

As a result of our print audit, we may reduce the number of devices in your print fleet and we’ll ensure the right machines are put in the right places to facilitate a more efficient print strategy. This doesn’t just reduce costs and energy consumption; it reduces the amount of heat generated and the amount of air conditioning required to reduce it.

Request free print audit

We will visit your company, look at your printing & photocopying requirements, analyse your yearly spend and make recommendations of ways to save money. There is no charge for this service and on average we can save our clients between 20% and 40% on their running costs. Request free print audit now.


Technical advantages

Print less, pay less

Print less, pay less

A ‘no-brainer’! We can switch your default settings to duplex (double sided) printing, thereby substantially reducing your spend on paper and your environmental cost.

The recycle path

We recycle as much as we possibly can – from packaging and toner cartridges to your old, outmoded machines – in line with the WEEE Directive. All of which helps you meet your obligations (and if appropriate – your ISO compliance too).

High tech, low impact

Many of the devices that we provide have significant environmental features built-in: standard sleep mode, instant-on fusing to reduce pre-heating times, low melt toner, easily labelled recyclable parts etc.