Latest Business Solutions projects

We have had a very busy few months here at Bizquip. Here is a snapshot of some recent projects:

RSM Ireland

Bizquip delivers enterprise levels of management with control and ease of deployment

RSM is the 6th largest global audit, tax and consulting network, with 800 offices worldwide in 120 countries. They have a presence in the top 40 business centres around the world.

With 41,400 Employees in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. RSM pride themselves on their relationships with their clients and specifically, gaining a knowledge and understanding of their clients businesses. The mission statement – ‘The Power of Being Understood’ guides their approach to client engagements at all times.

According to Larry Mackey, Director of Operations and Clients Services RSM Clients benefit from – ‘deep local expertise allied with the benefit of RSM’s global reach.’

With continued business expansion RSM endeavors to keep pace with the latest technology to support excellence in the client and employee experience. Bizquip Ireland worked with RSM to upgrade the print management fleet built upon their well established IT infrastructure.

The Challenge:
‘Whether on site, working remotely or moving around the organization, it was imperative that the adopted print management solution could provide the flexibility and ease of use for staff whilst providing senior management and the ITS team the management controls and reporting tools that the business requires.

Leading the project for RSM Ireland, Larry Mackey worked closely with the Bizquip Solutions team to define and design a streamlined solution that delivered on these key requirements.

Integration & Scalability:
The chosen solution had to be able to integrate with RSM’s current IT infrastructure and critical business applications whilst allowing for the flexibility to grow and adapt to the changing demands of the business.

Ease of deployment was a key requirement for RSM. Deployment for the ever-expanding team at RSM needed to be fully automated.

The solution needed to allow RSM’s ITS team to easily control, manage and maintain access to the system at any time – user access, print quotas rights and permissions were all applicable.

User Experience:
The solution needed to be user-friendly to allow staff to easily carry out their daily tasks whilst driving efficiencies within the business.

IT Management:
The solution needed to provide centralized management and reporting tools measuring the performance of the system across the RSM Network and to automate, where possible, some of the current tasks being undertaken to provide printing/scanning and copying facilities to the staff it was supporting.

Thinking Green:
The solution would need to complement the environmental initiatives at RSM
and fully support their green agenda.

The Solution:
Applying Bizquip’s Solutions Approach: Discovery – Analysis – Solution design – Continuous Management.

The solutions team were able to audit and analyze the print fleet within the RSM Ireland network and show their current associated costs for printing and copying.

The Solution Design was focussed around optimising the fleet to meet the business needs ensuring the correct hardware was identified for each area of the business.

Standardising the devices to ensure ‘single user experience across the business’, promoting increased flexibility for staff moving throughout the business, increasing productivity and ensuring that the staff training that was provided to the users by the Bizquip deployment team, was uniform across all of RSM’s offices here in Ireland.

Developing an RSM print and scanning strategy for the business and implementing security policies for these services across the network ensured that new staff joining the company were easily able to access these services.

Automating some of these staff onboarding processes meant that the business was able to grow as required whilst not impacting on the RSM’s ITS team. As new users joined the organization, the system would add, deploy and configure the new users automatically. This meant the ITS team were free to focus and support the business in the other key areas.

Providing RSM Ireland with the tools to manage, report on and control their printing and scanning environment has meant that the business now had full visibility of what was happening in real time across the 3 site offices in Ireland. This allowed the business to adapt and change as is required with a solution that grows and changes as demands changed to fit the needs of the business.

As part of any managed solution provided by Bizquip the support and continuous management – through remote system performance and monitoring tools was key to ensuring the future health of that solution for our clients.

RSM’s offices are under constant monitoring by the Bizquip support team with device alert notifications, automatic consumable management, meter reading reporting and overall performance of the system being monitored to ensure the highest performance at all times.

“Working with Bizquip has delivered RSM cost and efficiency benefits beyond our initial expectations.
The Bizquip engineering and customer service team upgraded our print fleet across multiple sites seamlessly and with minimal disruption.”
“The Automated ordering of consumables and remote diagnostics really drives business benefit” – Larry Mackey, RSM

Arthur Cox

Bizquip drives the adoption of innovative and streamlined ways of working for Arthur Cox

Arthur Cox commissioned the building of a new state of the art headquarters at Ten Earlsfort Terrace. The move to these new offices provided the opportunity for management to carry out a 360 review of the firm to create a more innovative workspace and develop a new future-proof business.

Implementing cost controls and putting management tools in place around document workflows operating across the business, adopting new ways of working to increase productivity, while reducing the firm’s carbon footprint were the key components in driving the success of the project.

The Challenge:
Working with the Arthur Cox implementation team a year in advance of deployment, Bizquip developed a plan built around a proof of concept, volume analysis, building design plans and the business needs. With a staff of over 750, relocation and implementation plans in place, some of the project challenges included:

• Coordinating the relocation of some of the existing equipment supporting the firm
• Commissioning of new high-speed Ricoh Mono and Colour MFD’s with secure swipe card authentication
• Consolidation and removal of 170 existing desktop printers and the addition of a secure label print solution
• To add to the complexity, this was all to be achieved with minimum disruption to the day to day operations of the firm.

The key challenge for Senior Management within Arthur Cox was to create a more modern, attractive and ergonomic workspace for its people. Key components of the project included:

• Streamlining business processes resulting in greater productivity
• Introducing the latest technologies to support the firm
• Ensuring the workspace was flexible to accommodate their needs
• Ensuring documents output controls were in place to ensure best practice security and control
• Providing a space that would retain and attract the best people

Transitioning Arthur Cox over to a fully Managed Print Solution, ensuring staff education, understanding and buy-in at each point along the way was key to ensuring its success.

The Solution:
To integrate a Secure Follow you Print and Scanning Solution seamlessly with Arthur Cox active directory and IT systems. The Bizquip solutions team ensured that the solution facilitated the flexibility and scalability to meet the business demands.

Conducting a proof of concept trial period in advance of the move, Bizquip could prove the concept and ensure that the experience and requirements for the key areas of the business were met.

The solution provided a ‘single user experience’ for all the firm’s people to help drive efficiencies when carrying out their daily tasks. Introducing a Secure Follow you printing solution allowed staff to move freely throughout the building and collect prints from any device.

This introduced control measures to reduce document output costs (printing/copying costs) across the business allowing for a print policy that reduced the carbon footprint. Removal of 170 desktop devices from users’ workstations and implementation of designated print areas across the firm complimented the overall office layout design.

The solution allows for real-time – centralised monitoring, management, and reporting tools. This, in turn, has resulted in increased uptime of all print/copy/scanning devices across the business with Automatic Consumable and Device Alert notifications.

The solution design ensures the ‘right equipment in the right place at the right time for the right task’, while reducing IT management time, releasing the ITS team to focus on more business-critical operational tasks.

It has optimised both open floor printing for the firm’s people whilst also delivering a High-Speed Print Room Facility where staff can avail of more detailed printing/binding and copying facilities in-house.

“ We were fortunate to be able to work with Senior Management and the ITS team within Arthur Cox that facilitated our team in delivering the solution that met the needs and wishes of the client fully.”

“The solution added and complimented the firm’s new modern way of working while reducing their carbon footprint and reducing associated costs.”
– Derek Judge, Technical Manager

Please contact our Business Solutions team at Bizquip for any queries: 01 2178000.


Insurance video wall and training suite:
We have just completed the installation of a stunning 4K video wall of 9 x 55” Samsung UD55”E-P’s (The latest in ultra-thin bezel & ultra-bright 700 nit video wall displays) in an auditorium. Ceiling tile speakers with wireless microphones and a customised Catch-box to provide some fun during presentations.
In addition a Samsung 22” touch display is mounted on a bespoke lectern Bizquip Interiors commissioned, this will provide the presenter with the ability to annotate and use gesture controls on the video wall. All training rooms are furnished by Bizquip Interiors and include either a 65” Samsung IWB or a 55” Samsung commercial display.

Insurance video wall and training suiteInsurance video wall and training suite
Room booking solution:
Using touch sensitive 10” Samsung Displays and a 55” Reception display and signing a direct vendor agreement with Danish cloud based room booking company Pronestor we provided the Client with a modern cloud based room booking system.
The new system was fully integrated into an on premise exchange installation and then successfully migrated onto Office 365 in line with the clients new Office 365 rollout.

Room booking solution
Development Company:
With brand new show houses going on display Bizquip worked with this client to supply and install a Samsung 65” touch display to show key features of the new development.

4K Demo room for offices in Dun Laoghaire:
Our client was seeking a demo facility in their fantastic offices to allow them present to customers. Their requirements were specific as key to their presentations are high-resolution graphic representation of medical products.
Bizquip Interiors and our Business Solutions teams came together to provide a suite of furniture and a 4K 65” display connected to the Mac’s via the thunderbolt connection. We also provided a wireless presentation solution for visitors with WePresent’s latest 2000 series.

4K Demo room for offices in Dun Laoghaire
Estate Agent SolutionEstate Agent Solution:
We collaborated with Samsung to install and demo an interactive estate agent solution that allows customers browse, compare and access relevant properties on a 65” Interactive Display.

Please contact our Business Solutions team at Bizquip for any queries: 01 2178000.

Leman Solicitors

Driving digital adoption in the legal profession in Ireland, March 2016, Dublin Ireland.
Lemans Case StudyIn 2007 Lord David Putman outlined how a surgeon from the 1800’s could in a modern day operating theatre do little more than wipe the sweat from the brow of a patient.

Innovation and new technology has made massive improvements to efficiency, quality and patient outcomes in the modern day heath sector.

In contrast the legal profession has moved very slowly in adopting the use of technology to drive efficiencies and improve client experiences.

Leman Solicitors however is bucking the trend and their ethos is one of innovation. Even a cursory look at the Leman website suggests to the visitor to “expect something different”. Larry Fenelon, Managing Partner and has set about driving change from the inside out. When asked about his paperless office strategy Larry said “The legal profession is weighed down by paper which represents the continuation of age old practice and tradition. Solicitors are a deeply conservative and fearful bunch that hold dear to the status quo. When considering paperless, most solicitors fear that the computer or server will fail. Fear that the client may ask for an original file. Fear that the Court may insist on an original. Fear that barristers will not accept e-briefs. Fear that other solicitors will not accept electronic signatures even though this is enshrined in legislation for 15 years, fear of conveyancers and that e-conveyancing will never happen. In Leman Solicitors we are not ruled by this fear. We have overcome all of these challenges and have developed a paperless strategy that works.”

The Challenge
Leman Solicitors wanted to find a way of transitioning to a fully digital workplace. Changing work practices requires a strategy and Larry knew he needed a phased approach. In addition to introducing a number of measures such as dual and triple monitors for their solicitors which helped to mitigate against the need to print reference material, Larry also set up a number of procedures to include offsite storage for deeds, scanning all documents and post daily and developing an e-brief protocol. To further drive the change Larry wanted to find a way to change printing behaviours in house and drive a phased reduction in physical printing carried out onsite. Larry wanted to cap office printing to ensure that printers would only be used when absolutely necessary or in a situation outside of their control such as where physical documents are required by the court.

The Solution
Greg Tierney Senior Consultant at Bizquip said:

“As a long standing partner of Lemans we were delighted to get involved. Utilising the software team here in Bizquip we set about exploring a technical solution to the problem. We knew Larry wanted to set printing caps but we needed to ensure it was easy to manage day to day for the client. Our implemented solution allowed print monitoring and secure follow-you printing. Most importantly the solution allowed Leman Solicitors to allocate a monthly printing volume and adjust it. Depending on the user type and requirements different printing levels were then set.

The other challenge was to allow for the inevitable exception. Rather than adjusting the monthly cap of users and undermining the overall strategy that Larry had in place, we needed to find a permission based solution that would grant allocation for specific jobs.

It took some thought and Bizquips Dave Stevens one of Ireland’s leading print management software engineers developed a new solution where administration could simply allocate the extra prints without the need to effect the monthly printing caps.

It is early days in the solution but we are confident we have assisted Larry take another important step in his journey to eliminate paper from his office and stay ahead of his competition.”

Larry Fenelon said “This measure has taken us one step closer to a completely paperless office. We have further reduced printing in the office by 75% and I am confident that through this solution, our printers are only being used when absolutely necessary. I would recommend Bizquip to any organisation that are considering a move towards a paperless office”

Xilinx Ireland

Xilinx Ireland Case StudyXilinx Ireland employs 250 people in Dublin developing and making electronic chips that are used world-wide. Based in Citywest the company’s EMEA headquarters houses R&D, engineering an IT centre along with centralised supply, finance, legal and HR functions.

Bizquip were tasked with developing a solution that would cut the number of laser printers, reduce cost and at the same time offer all the functionality demanded by a busy workgroup. A fleet of Ricoh multifunction printers enabled with Equitrac print management was deployed. It allows each member of the team access to any multifunction print device on campus via a card reader. Equitrac provides management with full visibility on all print/copy activity by all users, giving detail on devices and colour usage. In addition to a 50% reduction in the number of printers, there has been overall reduction in print volumes due to users not printing unnecessarily and the ID card release system guarantees complete confidentiality and security. Financially and environmentally the partnership with Bizquip has been a success and we are proud that our team has been given the vote of confidence from Xilinx who has had an association with us for over 15 years now.

Sherry FitzGerald

Bizquip office equipment case studyBizquip implemented a new managed print and document service for Sherry FitzGerald; Ireland´s largest Estate Agency firm in 2014. Bizquip was awarded a competitive tender to provide the new print service, and also a suite of Ricoh Multifunction Devices (MFDs), to support business needs at Sherry FitzGerald.

The new technologies have been implemented in the head office in Ballsbridge, Dublin and in 21 branches of Sherry FitzGerald’s residential and commercial sales operations across Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. As a result of this implementation, Bizquip’s managed service will generate 15% print and energy cost savings for Sherry FitzGerald due to increased control of print and document outputs. It will also enable a 20% reduction in paper wastage, delivering on environmental objectives for the business. With the new solution Sherry FitzGerald will also have greater reporting capabilities on device usage, as well as a fixed cost per copy so it can accurately forecast costs over the next five years.
Bizquip has provided further software technology and services that are improving productivity throughout Sherry FitzGerald’s team of estate agents, which includes the Ricoh Smart Device ‘Print&Scan Apps’.

As the agents are always mobile and moving between properties, smart devices are integral to the progression of business operations. The agents can now easily and securely print or scan photos, finance information or property brochures directly from their mobile phones or tablets, saving time and improving service for customers.
In Sherry FitzGerald’s head office, the new ‘Follow Me Print’ capability has assigned individual PIN numbers for each employee so costs can be allocated accurately across the business. This facility is having the added benefit of reducing print volumes as employees become more conscious of their printing levels.

Brian Dooley, IT director, Sherry FitzGerald said, “We have worked with Bizquip for more than 25 years and when this project went to tender, they once again rose to the top in terms of the service they could offer. Bizquip’s business-orientated focus, high-end systems and their proven commitment to customer service secured the contract. The new Ricoh technology will meet the evolving needs of our business for years to come and we are safe in the knowledge that the Bizquip team will provide excellent proactive support every step of the way.”

On top of the environmental benefits delivered from the reduction in print volumes and paper wastage, the devices supplied by Bizquip also include the Ricoh ‘@Remote’ software, which generates sustainability reports on CO2 emissions and power usage, allowing Sherry FitzGerald to implement environmentally conscious printing policies and further reduce costs.

The new system also has inbuilt intelligence that will routinely log any service requirements with Bizquip and automatically order new consumables, such as toner, when needed. This will greatly reduce the administration time needed to manage and support any of the devices across the 22 locations and remove the need to store additional products on site.


Bizquip office equipment case studyBizquip was invited to tender for the supply of one Colour and one Mono Multifunctional device to CityJet with a Follow you print solution.We were awarded the tender against the incumbent supplier and a number of additional suppliers.

Both machines were installed in CityJet’s office in London with Equitrac as the solution for follow you print based on their server in Dublin.
On the back of this successful implementation of this solution Bizquip was then asked to repeat the solution in CityJet’s offices in Dublin at Swords and Dublin airport as well as providing a similar roll-out in their offices in Paris and at Charles de Gaulle Airport.
This solution was a mixture of mid-range Colour and Mono Multifunctional Devices, nine in total and all had to be set up with centralised Equitrac follow you printing at their Dublin head office.

This solution gave CityJet a fully managed printing solution, allowing them to make considerable savings in print output, coupled with an overall smarter and efficient way of controlling what was being printed.The back-up service and faster response times from Bizquip has led to a more streamlined printing solution for all of the staff at CityJet.


Bizquip office equipment case studyBizquip was invited by Investec to put forward a print solution to replace all of their existing copier and printer fleet with a full managed print and scan solution for their offices in Harcourt Street, which covered two floors.
In total Investec had 3 copiers which Bizquip had sold originally and which we were servicing and Investec had over 20 stand-alone printers, a couple of scanners and 4 fax machines.

We presented a solution of replacing all equipment with 6 Ricoh Colour Multifunctional devices and two small Mono Multifunctional machines. All devices were controlled by Equitrac print management which allowed full movement for users over both floors with follow you printing.

Investec were impressed by the support of Bizquip in the speed and efficiency of the roll-out and by the positive reaction of staff to their new printing solution. This implementation has provided Investec with a 20% reduction in print costs and has taken the headache of constant printer breakdowns away from their busy I.T. department.

In January 2013 Investec acquired Dublin stockbroking firm NCB and by May 2013 had integrated the staff to their offices in Harcourt Street, taking another two floors of the building in the process. Bizquip was asked to assist with this integration process and installed a further 9 Colour Multifunctional Devices to integrate with their existing Equitrac solution. This roll-out was as successful as the first one and the overall solution is one which has the complete confidence of the customer in Bizquip’s management of the Investec solution. The whole site is managed through @remote which monitors each device and sends e mails to Bizquip’s technical department whenever toner is required by a machine or whenever any device shows up a fault.

The Investec I.T department have regularly endorsed Bizquip’s management support structures and have kindly allowed their success story to be used as referral.