Our top 5 criteria when upgrading your office space

Upgrading office space

As office interiors specialists, we regularly advise our clients on the key considerations to keep in mind and focus on when it comes to office furniture and upgrading office space. We have compiled a list of our top 5 criteria that can be applied to any office upgrade from expanding a team in an existing office to moving to new premises.

1) Space planning…

Key questions to ask yourselves include: How many people do we need to accommodate? Does everybody need their own desk or would a hot desk option work? Will we be expanding our team in the short-medium term? What size of desk do we really need? The most popular desk dimension is 160cm wide but companies are more and more commonly reducing this down to 140cm or 120cm with some even down to 100cm wide. Learn more about space planning and office design

2) Understanding how you interact and work as a team…

Do you have frequent, informal meetings that don’t need dedicated meeting rooms? What are your key activities? For example, do you have client meetings in your office? If so you will need a dedicated meeting room for privacy. If all your interaction is internal you may find that meeting rooms are not essential. Collaborative and informal areas dotted throughout an office are very popular for companies that need to brainstorm together, be creative as a team, develop strategies and ideas or even simply to have a quick, informal catch up. HR and Legal teams tend to need privacy if conducting interviews, performance reviews etc so this is another consideration to keep in mind.

3) Budget…

This is one of the main items a company hates to disclose! For us it is not a target, it’s a limit!! Solutions can be tailored to suit any budget. Whether a company opts to purchase furniture as a capital expenditure or lease furniture thus benefiting from repayments over a period of time which avoids tying up capital. Having a budget will speed up the process and ensure that the solutions proposed to you are suitable and realistic.

4) Timeframe is key…

Furniture needs to be manufactured and is typically imported from European countries so delivery needs to be factored in also. Many manufacturers stock the most popular, fast moving items so whilst a common lead time is about 4 weeks for furniture, if you need something in a hurry, you can often find stocked furniture available in a 2-3 day turnaround. However, what you will find with this is that you will be limited to the finishes the manufacturer has in stock so if you have a style preference the key is to plan ahead and take this timeframe into account. So keep in mind your deadline dates (i.e. signing a lease, move date, new employee start date etc) and work backwards by about 7 weeks to give yourself some time to decide on preferred materials finishes, internal approval from senior management etc.

5) Office design…

The design scheme in an office can impact massively on a company across employee engagement, company culture and defining your brand. Larger companies regularly need to tie in with a corporate branding guideline whilst others want to inject a bright and engaging atmosphere. We have a really strong work ethic in Ireland and we work hard so it’s nice to have a comfortable and energetic office environment to operate from, particularly since most people tend to spend more time in work than at home. Learn more about space planning and office design

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